In 2006, the company MENTAL DRIVE GmbH evolved from the sole proprietorship Mental Drive Rinaldo Manferdini with its head office in Brunnadern/SG.

MENTAL DRIVE GmbH provides professional mental training, smart reading training and nutrition coaching in business sport and schools.

The client base includes federations, sport clubs, companies, federal government, schools and individuals. Our services are provided in the German speaking area of Switzerland as well as with international German and English speaking clients.

We take pride in working highly efficient, differentiated, empathetic and solution oriented. The programs are always tailored to the needs of our clients and provide a convincing cost-benefit ration.

All business partners of MENTAL DRIVE are experts within their field of specification. Due to regular supervisions, internal further educations and trainings all members of the team are on the latest state of knowledge. We guarantee a high level of quality and respect the ethical and fundamental values, which also includes highest confidentiality.

All our services, seminars and presentations are also online available.