Mental Drive Business

Your mental resilience and sovereignty is strengthened by our mental training and our smart reading training increases your complete text comprehension by a multiple.

Success or money back!

MENTAL DRIVE BUSINESS is an educational concept based on three performance and health enhancing pillars, whose significance had been increasingly recognized throughout the past years: professional mental training, expert nutrition and smart reading.

High level of quality, pressure, competition, high expectations and needed efficiency on a fast growing and changing market requires continues peak performances, which can easily be compared to those of professional elite sport.

Mentale trainings methods do not only support high level athletes in achieving their very best performance, but can be adjusted to the business world and challenges as well. This is not surprising, as both areas expect maximum output and achievements.

Intense pressure can occur, when f. ex. one is ought to present a project, to stand up in front of employees sovereignly, to cope with a high load of work, to control the own emotions in order to remain calm and respectful in conflict situations, or when trying to reconcile business, private and family life.

The mental trainings concept from MENTAL DRIVE is successfully implemented in professional high level sport and used by countless elite athletes and national teams. Due to these experiences and developed know-how MENTAL DRIVE BUSINESS was developed. A specific concept, which is specified on the in depth needs of the business world, politics or music. The mental trainings methods can easily be implemented into the daily routine and a daily time investment of approximately 5 mins is sufficient to provide improvements.

Additionally, we do offer support and long term expertise in burn-out prophylaxis due to our intense collaboration with medical centers and Doctors.

Our nutrition coaching provides an highly optimized resorption of the nutrients including their transport to the cells. This way, ideal conditions for your performance level and health is ensured.

Individual preferences, limitations, likes, dislikes, allergies and private or business circumstances will always be respected. The solutions will always be developed together with you and tailored to your personal needs.

We discuss your structure, advice you during weight control (losing or build up) and explain the goal oriented use of natural supplements. This includes clarifying the current situation and products in use (higher value, benefit, dose, combination of divers products).

Smart Reading is a reading training, by which you will read much faster and more precise while continuously adjust your reading speed accordingly to the challenges of the text. Although comprehending the whole text context, you will be able to increase your reading speed twice or even up to  a threefold of your previous ability.

Due to the flexibility of your reading adjustment you remain focused and can memories more information. Additionally, you will learn different cross reading techniques (skimming, scanning, etc.), by which you will gain a quick overview over the context and will find the relevant passages faster.

With an average read time of 1.5 hrs per day, you will gain a minimum of a whole working day withing three weeks!

Success starts in the mind.

Success starts in the mind.